Three Issues That Can Cause a Relationship Breakup

One of the things that makes it very clear that you want your ex back is that they are consuming your thoughts. You can’t get them out of your mind, even if you want to. You may be wondering where they are, what they are doing and even more punishing, who they are with?!!

As reported in Shave Magazine, there is an article that mentions a report stating that: “Sixty-two percent of young adults have gone back to an ex at least once, as shown in a recent survey by Dr. Dailey and her colleagues at the University of Texas”

Dr Dailey mentions three main issue areas as he calls them that are a cause for splitting up and  if addressed can lead to successful reunions.

One is communication. That people separate due to misunderstandings in communication. “You don’t understand me!” is a big one.

The second area is insecurity sometimes due to differing vues on what goes and what doesn’t within the relationship.

The third issue is a relationship rut. You just no longer get on very well.

Dr Daileyt has some solutions that he believes will help.

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  1. Dhara Mistry says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you on lack of communication effecting your relationship. Can I also add respect for you partner? :)

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